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Very young babies : 2 1/2 Months to 1 Year 

From one discovery to the next

The childcare assistants, educators of young children and the childcare assistants have taken special training courses in order to be able to look after very small children.

They understand each stage of a child’s development (psychological and physiological) and suggest activities adapted to each of them.

During the first year at the nursery, babies progress at their own pace.

Our assistants will gradually start to suggest activities to them: from their place lying on an activity mat, they can discover colours, stimulate their sense of touch with different materials (material, paper...) and familiarise themselves with different sounds by handling small musical instruments (rattles, tambourines and bells...).


Babies : 12 to 24 Months 

Motor Skills

At this age, the child is attracted to more complex games, like toys with different shapes and colours to build and sort.

They love rings of different sizes which they use to build towers. At this stage, they need more complicated games of up to eight rings or cubes to build with.

Our educators will teach your child to handle large objects (balls, cars), to slot in cubes and, of course, to hold a spoon by themselves.

Of course, your child will also ‘work’ on their motor skills (holding a crayon or eating alone) and their speech.

Painting, dancing and music also form an integral part of your child’s daily life at the nursery.


The Toddlers : 24 Months to 3 Years

Becoming more independent

From 2 years old, our little explorers will exercise their powers of perseverance and concentration.

They like to spend longer doing the same activity and make a great deal of progress when they are interested in what they are doing.

Here is a list of suggested activities to help them blossom and grow :
- drawing and learning about colours
- painting
- songs and nursery rhymes
- music, etc....


The Older Children : from 3 to 4 Years 

How they have grown … the children are now aged between 3 and 4 years old and, as with everything else, their speech is improving in leaps and bounds. The more the child grows, the more they are able to understand us and talk like a small adult at times.

They now live in their own imaginary worlds and this fantastical world comes alive and accompanies them them every day. As they have been doing since birth, they are keen to acquire new skills which will soon prepare them for going to school.


Practical Information

  • Crèche Cannelle et Caramel - Crèche écologique

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    7230 Helmsange (Helsem)


  • (+352) 27 84 90 71

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